Hi there! Thanks for visiting my mewing blog and congratulations on starting your journey towards obtaining better oral health and becoming the best looking version of you.

Photo: Not actually me.

From the time I was young, I’ve suffered from a weak jawline and bad oral posture. As I got older, this greatly affected my self-esteem, but I thought it was just bad genetics and resigned myself to either looking this way forever or getting some kind of plastic surgery down the road.

Then I discovered the work of Dr. Mike Mew and the wonderful, transformative world of “mewing”. Mewing has a sophisticated set of theories and practice behind it, but at the end of the day, it’s simply about learning and maintaining good oral posture.

Just like good sitting or standing posture can affect how your body looks, good oral posture can have a huge and lasting effect on how your face looks. A dedicated “mewer” can go from having a flat and slack-jawed appearance, to a face that looks toned and defined. But of course, nothing is easy, and the best results will come to those who dedicate themselves to the practice of good oral posture and proper nasal breathing.

When I’m not reading and writing about mewing, I’m a tech writer for a large technology firm in my professional life. I also like reading, taking long walks, and baking cakes for my husband and me to enjoy.

Please check back here often as I’ll be uploading new and informative content several times per month. My goal is to provide my readers will reliable and trustworthy information that doesn’t make false claims or over promise results.